How "One Bite Technology" was born

We are here to fulfill a need. Unfortunately electronics fail with time and wear, no matter the original build quality. Often times liquid damage can spell the permanent end to a device.

Too many customers end up receiving poor advice, or an improper diagnostic, and throwing away or recycling those failed devices.

We hope to change this.

We can repair or utilize broken Apple devices to extend their usefulness, and breathe new life into them with upgraded parts.

Apple considers older devices “obsolete” and will recommend customers purchase a new computer, even though these devices can remain relevant and useful for another 5-8 years. We have had countless customers bring us devices that were claimed “unfixable” that needed a simple sub-$100 repair.

We believe in your #righttorepair

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We test our devices rigorously, and we know you’ll be happy with your purchase or repair. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will make it right!

Our site is safe and secure, and your information stays with us. We will not sell or distribute any customer data, ever.

High Quality Products & Repairs

All of our used items include 60 Days of Warranty and 60 Days of Software Support. If any part of your purchase is not functioning as intended, we will repair or replace (at our discretion). We are happy to provide free software support for up to 60 days post purchase, assist with installing applications & setting up the unit to your liking.