iPad Screen Repair

Why One Bite Technology?

One Bite Technology is an electronic service and repair company in the Edmonton (St. Albert) area that specializes in Apple devices. Whether you have a first generation iPad Air or an 12.9″ iPad Pro, we have your needs handled and you can trust our expertise with iPad screen repair, and any other sort of iPad repair. If you are interested in scheduling a repair or obtaining a quote click on the “Book A Repair” box below.

We use strictly OEM, or premium aftermarket parts for all of our repairs. All displays/screens are backed with a lifetime warranty. Allow us to show you why we are the BEST choice for iPad repairs in the area.

If your device is too damaged to be repaired or you’d rather upgrade to a newer iPad, you will have the opportunity to sell us your old device and the ability to purchase a used or refurbished iPad from us. All of our used Apple devices include a full 1 year warranty and free data migration (when possible). 

We keep replacement displays/digitizers in stock for nearly every model, and even special order (like 12.9″ iPad Pro) displays are only a day away. Our iPad screen replacement service includes a lifetime warranty. If your replacement screen becomes defective at any time, we will replace it for free!

Battery life not lasting as long as it used to? We will verify the design capacity of your battery (how much of the original charge does it still hold today). Our replacement batteries include a 1 year warranty. 

Buildup of dust, grime, and rough hands (or little fingers!) can wear out the pins in the charge port. Power surges or aftermarket charging cables can cause the tristar chip (that controls the charging) to fail or lead to slow charging. 

Sat on your iPad? It’s okay… it happens to all of us eventually. We can repair slightly bent frames, or replace them entirely if required. 

iPad stuck in a bootloop? We can update, factory restore, and often restore keeping data. 

iPhone took a bath? Went for a swim? We can repair or recover data. 

Is your iPad having an issue that Apple has claimed can’t be fixed or warrants a complete replacement? We can repair logic board issues such as kernel panics, crashing, failed Wifi, lost network connection, baseband issues, and much more.