St. Albert PC Repair

Why One Bite Technology for PC Repair?

One Bite Technology is a computer service and repair company in the Edmonton (St. Albert) area that specializes in Apple devices, but we can also upgrade, diagnose, and repair your Windows PC. Is your Windows desktop or laptop PC having trouble booting? Can’t login? Slow to open and operate? Firstly, we can diagnose the issue and provide an estimate to upgrade or repair. Next, affordable upgrades of memory and solid state drives can breathe new life into your older Windows PC, saving you hundreds compared to the cost of buying new.

We also specialize in custom liquid cooled gaming PCs or crypto-currency mining rigs. 

If you are interested in scheduling a repair or obtaining a quote click on the “Book A Repair” box below.

Allow us to show you why we are the BEST choice for Windows PC upgrades and repairs in the area.

We provide onsite services for software troubleshooting/repair, printer setup, and more.

We can upgrade the memory and hard drive in your older PC desktop or laptop to give it unprecedented performance. Standard memory in modern computers is 8GB or more. If your system has less than 8GB, your performance could be affected. 

We can diagnose and repair PC issues including broken screens, no power, failed hard drives, Windows issues, and poor performance, and more. We service all brands, from Asus, Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo, to Razer, ROG, and even Chromebooks. 

We have microsoldering equipment and are available to repair your general electronics such as keyfobs, remote starters, and other electronics that require microsoldering. 

Massive savings available now! Prices effective immediately in store, please call for details as we update online pricing. 

Sale on until July 31st, and while inventory lasts!